Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Technology Enhanced Learning (TeL) Seminar and Mini Workshop, 8th Apr 2015, School of Health Sciences, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore

Thank you for attending this TeL Seminar and Mini Workshop. I will be using this website exclusively as the sole presentation and interactive tool and platform, and hope to illustrate and demonstrate the use of technology to disseminate and share digital content, facilitate and promote interaction with an audience, as well as use this process as an example of digital scholarship.

Please answer the single item survey below (three choice MCQ, and short 100 character free text box) before you attend the session (ideally by 5pm Thursday, April 2nd, 2015). This will give me a much better understanding of the audience, and allow me to customise the session to meet you needs better. Thank you.

We will use the interactive digital "Padlet" wall following the survey as a real-time interactive digital canvas during the session. This will facilitate "live" audience participation. Please bring your WiFi enabled laptop or tablet to the session. This will allow you to review the content as it is presented, and participate in the discussion online, as well as in person.

The rest of the content on this webpage will give you a glimpse of the areas we could cover during the session.

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Survey responses of audience day before (above), and just before the start of the live session (below).

Screenshot (above of interactive digital wall at 1345hrs; and below at 1745hrs) same day as session after minor tidying up (took approximately 10 minutes)

a short bio below to give you a feel of my current clinical, teaching and academic activities, and a snapshot of three most recent publications following that

Competency based learning (online articles and resources)